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Best Practice "Nugget" Library

Best Practice "Nuggets"

You know those great little "nuggets" that you pick up here and there? Those tips and tricks that you don't know how you ever managed without? This pilot project creates a simple library for sharing them with each other.


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Easy Adoption Uppers (9)

Even the best system is worth only smallish hills of beans if no one is using it. Here are some tips and tricks others have used to help get people up the adoption curve.


Better, Easier Page Layouts (11)

Better layouts mean happier users and cleaner, higher-quality data! Turns out there are a bunch of great tricks you can use to make layouts much easier and more appealing for your users.


Cleaner, Better Data (4)

As the old saying goes, "you are what you data." Or that's how it could go, anyway. Your data is your temple, and deriving impact from your system requires making sure your data starts and stays as pristine as possible.


Fun with Formulas (5)

Once you get the formulas bug, you kind of can't stop. Why is it so satisfying?


Mastering Training (3)

Training is both an art and a science. And it's something you probably end up doing a lot more than you anticipated. Why not learn some next-level tricks from your master trainer colleagues...


Developer Check-It-Outs (5)

Oh, that thing is so cool! That gives me an idea! Oh wait, that thing is even cooler. That gives me another idea! Oh my lord, all the ideas...