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Work with Matching Gifts

We love matching gifts! They usually mean double the money for your organization. But to track them in Salesforce, you'll need to do three important things (in this order):

If you're using a version of NPSP that was released prior to 3.63, you'll need to go through the matching gift setup before proceeding.

Identify and Track Matching Organizations

Start by tracking organizations that provide matching gifts (we'll show you how in a second), as that will make the process of selecting the correct Account a bit easier later on. You'll also want to track other information about the organization so that you'll know what to expect from particular organizations.

For example, here's a section from the Account record page for Orange Company—an organization that matches employee donations. To track Orange Company as a matching company, we simply check the Matching Gift Company option in the Matching Gift Information section of the Account record.

Identify matching-gift status on Account

We've also entered some other information—the company's matching gift percentage, the gift administrator contact information, deadline information, and so on. None of these fields are required for using matching gifts, but selecting Matching Gift Company at the very least makes identifying these companies much easier in list views and reports.

Create the Matching-Eligible Gift

Now let's step through the process. Elise Malloy is an employee of Orange Company. She donates $50 and tells you that her company will match. This is important, because accurately tracking a matching gift in Salesforce actually begins with the donor's gift—the gift that will be matched.

  1. Enter Elise Malloy's gift like any other donation, however, in the Matching Gift section:
    1. Indicate that the Matching Gift Account is Orange Company. (You can use the lookup field to find Orange Company in Salesforce.)

    2. Mark the Matching Gift Status as Potential or Submitted. (You may need to review the Company's matching gift policies to see if there is additional work you need to do to solicit the gift.)

      Identify a gift as matching eligible

  2. Save Elise Malloy's new donation, just like any other record.

A side note . . .

Often, donations will come in from web forms that you might have integrated with your Salesforce organization. You'll want to keep track of those to make sure the information your donors enter matches your information in Salesforce.

For example, Mariann Smith also works for Orange Company and wants to have her donation matched. But she's submitted her $25 donation through a web form, and the Matching Gift Employer text field contains the name she manually provided:

Matching gift initiated through a web form

You'll want to edit Mariann's Opportunity record to connect the correct Matching Gift Account (Orange Company) to her donation.

Create the Matching Gift from the Organization

Weeks later, a check for $75 arrives from Orange Company, indicating it's a matching gift for Elise and Mariann's donations. (We're providing this use case because it's a very common one, but you could just as easily receive a matching check for a single donation.)

  1. Navigate to the Orange Company Account record.
  2. Click New on the Opportunities related list to create a new Opportunity.
  3. Select Matching Gift as the record type.
  4. Complete the details in the gift as you typically would for an Organization donation. You are not entering any matching details quite yet.
  5. Save the record.
  6. On the Opportunities related list, click the name of the new Opportunity you just created.
  7. In the upper right corner of the page, click Show more actions icon, then click Find Matched Gifts.
    Associate gift received with matching gift

    The Nonprofit Success Pack lists any unmatched Closed/Won Opportunities that specify Orange Company as the Matching Account.

    Associate gift received with matching gift

  8. Select the Opportunities that should be matched to this donation, and make sure the total matches what you expect.
    Verify matched and expected gift values
    Salesforce calculates the Total Matching Gift amount automatically, based on the Matching Gift Percent field you've specified on the Account record. If you leave that field blank, Salesforce automatically uses the Opportunity amount instead. For example, if the Company matches at 200%, a donor would be credited $100 for an original gift of $50. You can adjust this amount later if you don't want to use the default value.
  9. Click Save.

But what happens when . . .

...the donor doesn't indicate that their company will match their gift? You can still find those donations, and connect them to a company's matching gift.

Let's say that the Orange Company has sent you a $75 check—a match for Elise Malloy's $50 donation and Mario Hernandez's (not Mariann Smith's) $25 donation. Mario, however, didn't mention that he worked for Orange Company when he made the gift.

  1. Select Elise's gift, and then click Find More Gifts.
    Identify gifts not flagged as matched gifts
  2. In the Find More Gifts dialog box, enter as much as you know about the gift and click Search. (Enter search criteria that will return as few results as possible. Don't search for all gifts in 2014 to match against, for example.)
    Search for gifts not flagged as matched gifts

    Salesforce adds potential Opportunities to the list so you can select the ones that apply.

    Select potential Opportunities providing matched gift

  3. Select the matching gifts you're interested in (only two in this case) and then click Save.

Back on the company donation's related lists, you'll see some new information:

View results of matched gifts as soft credits

  1. Contact Roles are automatically created for the matched donors, with the Role that's specified for Matching Gift Donors in NPSP Settings | Donations | Contact Roles.
    Existing Contact Roles will not be overwritten by a Matching Gift Role, if the matched donor already has a Contact Role.
  2. Partial Soft Credits are created for the amount of each donor's original gift. If the company did not match the entire amount of the original donation, you can edit the amount through the Manage Soft Credits button.
  3. The individual original gifts are listed in the Matched Gifts related list.

Back on the original donor gift record, you can see that Salesforce has updated the Matching Gift Status to Received, and linked the Matching Gift field to the company's matching gift.

On the donor's Contact record, you can see that Elise has received hard credit for her $50 gift, and just $50 soft credit for the $75 matching gift!

Resulting Contact record with soft credit

Remember that you won't see soft credits reflected on the Contact record immediately. You either need to wait overnight for the calculations to happen automatically, or you can manually run a rollup batch update in NPSP Settings | Bulk Data Processes | Rollup Donations Batch.