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Which Version of NPSP Am I Using?

This article will help you figure out if you have the latest version of NPSP installed and, if you don't, which version you're using.

Do I have Nonprofit Success Pack installed?

Here's the quick way to see if you have Nonprofit Success Pack installed:

  1. In Salesforce, click on the App Launcher in the top left corner (App Launcher icon) to see the list of All Items.

    App Launcher screen

  2. Look for NPSP Settings. (Items are listed alphabetically.)

    NPSP Settings in the App Launcher screen

    You will only see this item if you are running Nonprofit Success Pack.

To see exactly which version of NPSP you're using, continue to this section.

If I don't have Nonprofit Success Pack, am I using NPSP at all?

Here's the quick way to see if you have any version of the NPSP installed:

  1. In Salesforce, click on the App Launcher in the top left corner (App Launcher icon) to see the list of All Items.
  2. Look for Contacts Settings and Households Settings in the list.

    All items list showing Households settings and Contacts Settings

    If you have either or both of those tabs, you have an older version of NPSP. Follow the steps below to find out exactly which one.

Here's a more detailed way to see exactly which version of NPSP you have:

  1. Click Setup, then click Setup.
  2. From Setup, enter Installed Packages in the Quick Find box, then click Installed Packages.

This is how the list of NPSP installed packages looks in a new trial instance of Salesforce. Look for the version numbers next to the main items: Contacts & Organizations and Households. If those numbers begin with a 3, then you are using the latest version.

List of installed packages

You might have other apps in this list as well, particularly if your organization has upgraded from a previous version of NPSP, or had NPSP installed separately after your trial ended. These other apps won't do any harm, and you should not need to remove them. Installing Nonprofit Success Pack will overwrite any previous NPSP packages.

This is what the list of NPSP packages typically looks like if you're using an earlier version. Version numbers begin with 1 or 2.

List of installed packages for earlier versions

Each package of earlier NPSP versions had to be installed individually. You may not have the full set, but in order to use the core functionality, you should have at least Contacts & Organizations and Households installed.

If you want to install NPSP, first read Install Nonprofit Success Pack.

You do not need to uninstall any NPSP packages before you upgrade. The Nonprofit Success Pack installer checks for existing packages first, and shows you what it will add or change.

And Lastly . . .

If you don't see a package labeled Contacts & Organizations, and:

  • You have “nonprofit” packages that were installed before January 2009, you may be using the NonProfit Template, which pre-dated the NPSP, or . . .
  • You only have Recurring Donations, Affiliations, or Relationships installed, then you are most likely not using an NPSP account model.

If either of these scenarios describes you, seek expert advice before attempting to upgrade.

How do I figure out which version of NPSP was originally installed in my org?

Many newer NPSP features require additional setup if you installed NPSP prior to a certain version or date. You can figure out which version of NPSP you started with by comparing your installation date with the date of major releases listed in the NPSP Release Announcements group.

  1. From Setup, enter Installed Packages in the Quick Find box, then click Installed Packages.
  2. Click the Nonprofit Starter Pack or Nonprofit Success Pack package name.
  3. On the Package Details page, you see the date the package was first installed.

    Package Details page with installation date

    The First Installed Version Number (1) may or may not be correct. You can't rely on this value. Instead, make a note of your installation date (2). You'll use this date to find your first installed version.
  4. Navigate to the NPSP Release Announcements group.
  5. Make sure the posts are sorted by Latest Post instead of Most Recent Activity.

    Sort By order set to Latest Posts

  6. Scroll through the messages to find the version that was released closest to (but not after) your installation date.

    Messages showing version number and edit date

What do I do if I'm not on the latest version of Nonprofit Success Pack?

Not to worry! You can always install the latest version using the NPSP installer.

  1. Go to the NPSP Installer page.
  2. Log in to your Salesforce organization by clicking Log In, choosing Production, and entering your login credentials.
  3. Review the installation list and click Install.

If you encounter errors, be sure to review any messages at the top of the page or check for an email containing an explanation that can help you resolve the issue. Otherwise, please post in the Nonprofit Success Pack group in the Power of Us Hub.