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Specify a Seasonal Address

This functionality is only available if you are using the Household Account model in NPSP. For more information, see What is an Account Model?.

You can set up a Seasonal Address with start and end dates for a Household or Organization Account, so that the Seasonal Address is automatically set as the Mailing Address at the specified start date. When the end date is reached, Salesforce copies the original Address back to the Address fields.

To set up a Seasonal Address:

  1. Create a new address for the Household or Organization Account, and enter the Address information.
  2. At the bottom of the Address Edit page, enter the Seasonal Information: Seasonal Start Month, Seasonal Start Day, Seasonal End Month, and Seasonal End Day. Note that you don't select a year--that's because we don't want this particular date range to expire, until you change or delete it.
  3. Click Save.

When the Seasonal Address start date is reached, Salesforce automatically copies the Address to the Account's Billing Address fields. If it's a Household Account, Salesforce also copies the seasonal address to the Mailing Address for all related Contacts who do not have an Address Override.

The seasonal address is copied to the billing address field on the Account (and to the Mailing Address field on related Contacts) when the seasonal start date is reached

Salesforce runs the scheduled job that sets seasonal addresses as the mailing address once per night. If you set up a new Seasonal Address that should be in effect on January 1st, for example, you won't see it copied to the Mailing Addresses until the next day (January 2nd), after the nightly scheduled job has run. The exception to this is when you set the start date for the Seasonal Address to today's dateā€”in this case, the change will take effect immediately.