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Specify a Default Mailing Address for a Household or Organization

Mark an Address as Default

This functionality is only available if you are using the Household Account model in NPSP 3.0 or later. For more information, see What is an Account Model?

When you mark an Address as the default Address, it specifies that this is the Address that you want to use to send mailings. When you mark an Address as default, it will:

  • Copy that Address to the related Household or Organization Account's Billing Address fields.
  • If it's a Household Account, copy that Address to the Mailing Address fields of each Contact who's connected to the Household.
    Contacts who have an Address Override will NOT have the default Mailing Address copied to their record. See Override the Default Address for a Contact.

To mark an Address as default:

  1. In the Nonprofit Success Pack, search for the Household or Organization you're interested in (for example, “Smith Household”), or click the Accounts tab to see a list of recent Accounts.
    If you're not in the Nonprofit Success Pack app, select it from the App Launcher.
    App launcher
  2. Click the Account Name of the Household or Organization Account whose addresses you want to edit.
  3. Scroll down to the Addresses related list, find the Address record you'd like to set as the default, and select Edit.

  4. Select the Default Address checkbox, and click Save.

Mark a New Address as Default if the Household Moves

  1. Create the new address for the Household Account.
  2. Mark the new address as the Default Address (procedure above), and click Save.

Behind the scenes:

  • On the previous default Address, the Default Address checkbox is unchecked.
  • On the previous default Address, the Latest End Date field is populated with today's date.
  • The Household Account and related Contacts are updated with the new default Address.