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Override the Default Address for a Contact

Many organizations send general solicitations and newsletters to Households, while sending other targeted mailings, such as Board communications, to individual Contacts. If you have a Contact who prefers to receive their individual mailings at a different address than the default Household address, you can accommodate them by setting an Address Override.

This functionality is only available if you are using the Household Account model in NPSP. For more information, see What is an Account Model?
  1. On the Contact where you want to specify a different mailing address, click Edit. (The Contact must already be in the Household.)
  2. In the Address Information section, check the Address Override checkbox. When this is checked, this Contact's mailing address will not sync up with the Default Address set for the Household.
  3. In the Current Address lookup field, select the new Address you want for this Contact. You can also manually enter a new Address in the Mailing Address fields.
  4. Click Save.

    override default address

A note about the Primary Address Type field...

The Primary Address Type field on a Contact allows you to select what type of address the Contact's mailing address is (Home, Work, Other, or a custom value). It is simply for informational purposes and does not change behavior of NPSP.

The Address Type field on an Address specifies what type of address it is, but it also does not affect NPSP behavior.

When you edit a Contact's Address and a new Address record is created, the Contact's Primary Address Type gets copied to the Address Type field on the new Address record. Similarly, when an Address for the Household gets copied to a Contact, the Address Type is copied to the Contact's Primary Address Type field.

You may want to edit the picklist for each field to make sure they have the same values.