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International Nonprofits FAQ

Can I use NPSP in countries outside the U.S.?

Absolutely! Salesforce supports many languages and currencies. There are a few details to be aware of though. Currently, if a user sets their language to something other than English, all of Salesforce will appear in that language except for custom fields and NPSP-specific fields, buttons, etc. The Nonprofit Success Pack provides out-of-the-box translations for Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, and Hebrew. This does not mean that a customer or partner could not translate all the fields, but it would be time-consuming. There may be consulting firms or partners in other countries who have done translations for other languages, but they are not included in the standard NPSP configuration at this time. If you're planning to translate on your own, please read Nonprofit Success Pack and Translation first, as there are some areas of NPSP that can't be translated.

Users in countries outside the U.S. are able to set their default currency as something other than USD without a problem. Users can also enable multi-currency (MC) to allow entry of Opportunities (and any currency field) to display the currency of the org or the local currency of the user. This option only supports a single one time rate. Additionally, Advanced Currency Management (ACM) is supported for use with NPSP as of May 2018 (version 3.129). But please keep in mind that dated exchange rates will only work with your rollups if you enable Customizable Rollups; dated exchange rates aren't supported for use with legacy NPSP rollups. There are also a few important limitations to note if you decide to use ACM with NPSP:

  • If you have ACM enabled and experience issues trying to install or upgrade NPSP, or find that your version of NPSP has fallen behind current, the ACM integration may be the issue. We recommend temporarily disabling ACM and manually installing the latest NPSP package. You will not lose any ACM configurations that you set up while ACM was enabled; when you turn ACM back on, everything will go back to the way it was working before you disabled. We recommend you do this during off hours when you don’t need to process transactions.
  • There are four Opportunity fields that don't work when ACM is enabled: Payment Writeoff Amount, Number of Payments, Payments Made, Remaining Balance.

So, can I use dated exchange rates?

Dated exchange rates are described in more detail here.

You can use dated exchange rates within Advanced Currency Management, but only with Customizable Rollups. Legacy NPSP rollups will continue to use the default exchange rate by currency even if ACM is enabled. Once you enable Customizable Rollups, go to Setup and turn on Advanced Currency Management. You’ll then need to head over to NPSP Settings and indicate that you want to use dated exchange rates by setting the Use Dated Conversion Rates if available checkbox in NPSP Settings | Bulk Data Processes | Batch Process Settings.

Does NPSP support Gift Aid (UK)?

At this time there is not native functionality to support Gift Aid in the UK. However, some Salesforce partners in the UK have developed apps to handle Gift Aid. Follow the Ireland and United Kingdom group in the Hub to learn more about these options.

Does NPSP support SEPA?

Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) refers to electronic payment processing in the European Union. At this time NPSP does not have on-platform payment processing, so it does not support SEPA. However, any payment processor or donation/giving platform that supports SEPA could conceivably integrate with NPSP.

Does NPSP support Canadian tax receipts?

Out of the box, NPSP does not have functionality to address Canadian receipts. There are, however, customizations built by a variety of providers. Search the Power of Us Hub for further details.