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Nonprofit Success Pack FAQ

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What is the Nonprofit Success Pack?

The Nonprofit Success Pack is a series of managed packages, installed on top of Salesforce Enterprise Edition. The 6 packages of the NPSP make it easier for you to use Salesforce to manage the core relationships between individual donors, their households, and the companies they work for.

You can install the Nonprofit Success Pack in one of the following ways:

  • Sign up for a trial version of the Nonprofit Success Pack (which gives you Salesforce Enterprise Edition with NPSP pre-installed). This is the easiest way and is the method recommended by
  • Install the Nonprofit Success Pack on top of an already existing organization that uses Salesforce Enterprise Edition.

Is the Nonprofit Success Pack an Open Source Project?

Yes! The Nonprofit Success Pack is an open-source, BSD-licensed package. Developer contributions and involvement are welcome and encouraged! hosts all packages and source code on GitHub using git. You can find all code as well as tags, issues lists, and release notes in the code repository. You can find contributor instructions on the GitHub wiki.

What's the best place to get started with NPSP?

Check out the Nonprofit Success Pack Trail. Learn about the Nonprofit Success Pack and how you can use it to better manage donors and donations. It's interactive, informative, and fun!

Where can I find documentation, discussions, a place to make feature suggestions, etc?

If you haven't already, check out the Power of Us Hub. It's the online community for all of's nonprofit organizations (whether you use the NPSP or not). There is a Knowledge Base, discussion groups, links to learning materials, and much more. Your existing Salesforce login will get you access, so no need to remember yet another username or password!

Also, be sure to check out the NPSP documentation page.

How do I know which version of NPSP I'm on?

You can easily figure that out by looking in your org. See this article for more details.

What is the difference between the Household Account model, the 1-1 account model, and the Bucket account model?

The Nonprofit Success Pack supports three different account models. The Household Account model is recommended. See this article for more details.

Where can I find information on troubleshooting NPSP issues?

We've compiled a list of common issues in Troubleshoot the Nonprofit Success Pack.

Installation and Upgrade

If I already have an earlier version of NPSP, will I have to migrate data to Nonprofit Success Pack?

No. We designed Nonprofit Success Pack so that you wouldn't need to export or modify any of your existing data. However, as with any other major change to your organization, we strongly advise that you test your upgrade in a sandbox (i.e. test) organization first. If you've customized or modified your org, those customizations may interfere with Nonprofit Success Pack. These issues are usually easy to overcome, but they will be easier to address before upgrading your production org.

What will happen to my existing NPSP packages?

Nonprofit Success Pack will require you to upgrade your existing NPSP packages to new, code-free versions that won't work as "standalone." We'll continue to make the last stable versions of the Relationships, Recurring Donations and Affiliations packages available to those who would like to continue using them.

How do I upgrade my existing NPSP organization?

To upgrade, you simply use the Nonprofit Success Pack Installer. It's smart, and knows exactly which packages need to be upgraded. For complete instructions, see Upgrade to Nonprofit Success Pack from a Previous Version of NPSP.

You DO NOT need to uninstall your current version of NPSP before upgrading.

How do I install NPSP if I'm starting from scratch?

If you're new to Salesforce and the Nonprofit Success Pack, visit the Trials page, fill out the form, and you'll be good to go!

How do I install NPSP if I already have Salesforce, but not NPSP?

Installing NPSP on top of a Salesforce org is easy, although we do recommend installing it in your Sandbox org first. Keep in mind that your org must use Salesforce Enterprise Edition. For complete instructions, see If you already have Salesforce, but don't have NPSP.

How do I enable NPSP Contact Personal Email Matching Rule? The status still says 'Activating'.

When you install NPSP, matching rules included with NPSP activate on their own. However, an obscure installation issue can sometimes prevent the matching rule from completing activation. If this is the case, clone the NPSP Contact Personal Email Matching Rule and activate it yourself.

  1. Go to Setup.
  2. Enter Matching Rules in the Quick Find box.
  3. Click Matching Rules under Duplicate Management.
  4. Click NPSP Contact Personal Email Matching Rule.
  5. Click Clone.
  6. Change the Rule Name and Unique Name.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Activate.

Our Salesforce organization was started before 2008 and uses the Nonprofit Template. Can I upgrade to Nonprofit Success Pack?

While the Nonprofit Template and similar early configurations implemented by consulting firms were standard before 2008, they are not actually the NPSP. Moving to the NPSP from the Nonprofit Template would be considered an install, not an upgrade. Careful consideration will be needed when migrating data and removing the older code. Reach out to a partner for an assessment if you aren't comfortable doing this work on your own.

Data and Importing

How do I find more information about updating data?

Check out the NPSP Administrator's Guide to Importing Donor Data. This guide is intended to help nonprofit admins use the NPSP Data Import object to transfer their org's existing donor data to NPSP.

What if I don't have the Data Importer Template?

Download the Data Importer Template here.