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Create and Manage In-Kind Gifts


An In-Kind Gift is a donation of goods or services, rather than a cash donation, to a nonprofit organization. Examples of In-Kind Gifts include computers, food, clothing, equipment or professional expertise. In Salesforce, In-Kind Gifts should be kept separate from cash donations, as the value of the gift is not reported in the same manner as cash contributions.

Before you even think about Salesforce, you should understand how your organization views and uses In-Kind Gifts. Do you consider In-Kind Gifts a component of your development program? Do you want to honor the donor's gift in your annual report at the same level as a cash donation? Do you need to track the gift item itself, such as donations of computer equipment that your organization refurbishes and donates to clients?

The answers to these questions will guide you in configuring your setup in Salesforce. Make sure you understand how your organization wants to treat In-Kind Gifts before you start configuring your solution.

Also, when it comes to In-Kind Gifts, it's important to distinguish between a thank-you and a receipt. Check the applicable laws for your country or municipality to be sure you're in compliance with how non-monetary gifts should be recorded and acknowledged.

Setup—Before You Begin

The In-Kind Gift page layout, record type, and fields are available by default in trial versions created in NPSP 3.66 and later. If you started using the NPSP from a trial version after version 3.66, you can skip this entire section and move on to Create In-Kind Gifts.

If you started using NPSP prior to version 3.66, you'll need to do the following:

Create In-Kind Opportunity Stages

The Opportunity Stages for an In-Kind Gift should be different than the Stages used for standard Donations.

To create a new Opportunity Stage:

  1. Click Setup, then click Setup.
  2. Click the Object Manager tab.
  3. In the list of objects, click Opportunity.
  4. Click Fields & Relationships.
  5. Click the Stage field.
  6. In the Opportunity Stages Picklist Values related list, click New. We recommend you add the following Stages for In-Kind Gifts, however you can name them whatever you'd like. If you already have these Stages configured, you don't need to recreate them.
    Forecast Category is always set to Omitted since the declared value of In-Kind Donations should not be reflected in Forecast reporting.
    Stage NameTypeProbabilityForecast Category
    In-Kind Not Yet ReceivedOpen50%Omitted
    In-Kind ReceivedClosed100%Omitted
  7. Click Save.

Create In-Kind Sales Process

Next, you'll need to create a Sales Process specific to In-Kind Gifts that uses the Stages you just created.

  1. From Setup, enter Sales Processes in the Quick Find box, then select Sales Processes under the Sales menu.
  2. Click New.
  3. Give the Sales Process a name. We recommend: In-Kind Gift.
  4. Click Save.
  5. In the next screen, make sure only the Stages you defined in the above step are on the Selected Values side. Remove any others, then click Save.

Create In-Kind Record Type

Next, you'll need to create a Record Type specific to In-Kind Gifts that uses the Stages you just created.

  1. In Setup, click the Object Manager tab.
  2. In the list of objects, click Opportunity.
  3. Click Record Types.
  4. Click New.
  5. Give the Record Type a Label and Name. We recommend:
    • Label: In-Kind Gift
    • Field Name: In_Kind_Gift
  6. Select the In-Kind Gift Sales Process you created in the steps above.
  7. Check the Active box.
  8. Next to each profile that can select this Record Type, check the Enable for Profile box.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Select Apply one layout to all profiles, then select the In-Kind Gift Layout.
  11. Click Save.

Enable In-Kind Fields

Double check that System Administrators and relevant Profiles/Permission Sets have access to these fields. See Enable New Features for general instructions on how to enable new features in the Nonprofit Success Pack.

Opportunity Object:

  • Fair Market Value
  • In-Kind Description
  • In-Kind Donor Declared Value
  • In-Kind Type

Configure Page Layouts

If you selected the In-Kind Gift Layout when you created the In-Kind Record Type, you can skip this step. Otherwise, assign the In-Kind Gift Page Layout to the In-Kind Gift Record Type in Opportunities Page Layout Assignment:

  1. In Setup, click the Object Manager tab.
  2. In the list of objects, click Opportunity.
  3. Click Page Layouts.
  4. Click Page Layout Assignment.
  5. Click Edit Assignment.
  6. Select the rows in the In-Kind Gift Record Type column, select In-Kind Gift Layout from the drop-down, then click Save.
    Assign In-Kind Gift Page Layout to Record Type

Enable Opportunity Picklist Field for Record Types

When you add new fields to a page layout, you may find that they're greyed out when you try to use them. This is because you need to specifically enable picklist fields for record types.

To enable picklists for a record type:

  1. In Setup, click the Object Manager tab.
  2. In the list of objects, click Opportunity.
  3. Click Record Types.
  4. Click the In-Kind Gift record type.
  5. Scroll to the Picklists Available for Editing section.
  6. Click Edit to the left of In-Kind Type.
  7. Add the Goods and Services fields to the Selected Fields side by clicking the right-facing arrow.
  8. Click Save.

(Optional) Activate In-Kind Workflow Rule

We provide a Fair Market Value field on the In-Kind Gift Layout. You may want the Fair Market Value amount reflected as the “Amount” of the In-Kind Gift. This is useful if you want to see the Fair Market Value of an In-Kind Gift included in the automatic rollup statistics on the Contact or Account.

You can activate a workfow rule that automatically copies the Fair Market Value to the Amount field if the Amount field is left blank. Be sure that you haven't excluded the In-Kind Gift Record Type from Donation Rollups in NPSP Settings.

To activate this workflow rule:

  1. From Setup, enter Workflow Rules in the Quick Find box, then select Workflow Rules under the Process Automation menu.
  2. Click Activate next to the Opportunity Copy FMV to Amount workflow rule.
    Activate Workflow view

(Optional) Configure In-Kind Gift Settings

There are some in-kind gift settings related to payments and rollups that you may want to configure.

Disable Payments for In-Kind Gifts

Since there is no payment of actual funds for an In-Kind Gift, we recommend enabling a setting that prevents the automatic creation of Payment records for In-Kind Gifts.

  1. Click the NPSP Settings tab, then Donations | Payments. (If you don't see NPSP Settings in the navigation bar, click More button)
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select In-Kind Gift in the Exlcuded Opp Record Types section.
  4. Click Save.

    Donations - Payments page

In-Kind Gifts in Account and Contact Rollups

If needed, you can set up your rollups to exclude In-Kind Gifts.

If you're using Customizable Rollups and don't want In-Kind giving reflected in rollups:

  1. In NPSP Settings, click Donations | Customizable Rollups.
  2. Click Configure Customizable Rollups.
  3. Click View Filter Groups.
  4. Either click New Filter Group or click Down arrow icon to indicate that there are more actions then click Edit to modify an existing filter group.
  5. Add a filter rule with these values:
    • Object = Opportunity
    • Field = Record Type ID
    • Operator = Not In List
    • Value = In-Kind Gift
  6. Click Save, then Save the filter group. You can now apply this filter group to Customizable Rollups that shouldn't include In-Kind Gift Opportunities.

If you're not using Customizable Rollups and don't want In-Kind giving reflected in Contact and Account rollups:

  1. Click the NPSP Settings tab, then Donations | Donor Statistics.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select In-Kind Gift in the Opp RecTypes Excluded for Account Rollup and/or Opp RecTypes Excluded for Contact Rollup sections.
  4. Click Save.

If you do want In-Kind giving reflected in Contact and Account rollups, check the out-of-box filter groups that mention record types and make sure that they don't include filter rules that exclude In-Kind Gifts. Additionally, make sure the Amount and Fair Market Value fields are populated on In-Kind opportunities. You can use the Workflow Rule to automatically copy the Fair Market Value to the Amount field.

Create In-Kind Gifts

In-Kind Gifts are created just like any other donation. The only difference is that you select the In-Kind Gift record type so that you see the correct page layout.

Display the In-Kind Gift page layout

Then populate these fields unique to In-Kind Gifts:

  • Stage: Indicate whether the gift has been Received, Not Yet Received, or Cultivating (the organization is attempting to collect the goods or services). You can also indicate Withdrawn if the donor has decided not to donate the gift after all.
  • Fair Market Value: This is the value of the In-Kind Gift if it were sold by the organization, or it's the fair market value of the service provided by the donor to your organization at the time of donation.
  • In-Kind Donor Declared Value: If the Fair Market Value was dictated by the donor, check this box. If unchecked, it's assumed the organization entered the Fair Market Value based on their own research.
  • In-Kind Type: Select Goods or Services
  • In-Kind Description: Enter a description of the gift. You can also insert pictures or links.
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