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Generate Labels for Direct Mail—For Organizations Or Contacts

This functionality is only available if you are using the Household Account model in NPSP. For more information, see What is an Account Model?


Do you have an event flyer or fundraising appeal to send out? Where do you want to send it—to Organizations or to Households? And what do you do when Contacts have a preferred mailing address that’s different from the default Household address?

This article describes how to produce mailing labels for these different groups.

Mail to Organizations

If your mailing is targeted at Organizations, the process is straightforward: create an Account report filtered on Organization record type, and include the billing address fields. You may also want to include the Primary Contact field to make sure your mailing is directed to the right person at the organization.

Mailing label report for organizations showing Account Name, Primary Contact, and Billing Address fields

Mail to Households

When you send mail to Households, you usually want to send only one piece of mail to each Household, regardless of how many of your constituents live there. (Raise your hand if you and your partner, spouse, or roommates have ever received the exact same expensive, glossy, fundraising appeal in the mail … )

Built-in NPSP functionality ensures unique, non-duplicated mailing labels for each Household.

To take advantage of this functionality, use Campaigns and Campaign Members, along with the NPSP Household Mailing List report. See Create Deduplicated Mailing Lists From A Campaign for more information.

Mail to Contacts Not At the Default Household Address

The Household Mailing List report discussed in Mail to Households is sufficient for the vast majority of situations where you’re sending mail to constituents. But what about Contacts who prefer to receive their mailings from you at an address that's not their default Household address?

If you’ve selected Address Override for these constituents on their Contact records, you can use this field as a report filter.

  1. Use the Contacts and Accounts report type.
  2. Add a filter for Address Override = true.
  3. Select the First Name, Last Name, Mailing Street, Mailing City, Mailing State, and Mailing Zip/Postal Code fields.

Mailing label report for Contacts with Address Override selected on the Contact record. Shows the report filter of Address Override = true.

If you're using both this report and the NPSP Household Mailing List report, keep an eye out for duplicates from the two lists: when you run the NPSP Household Mailing List report, you can’t control which unique Household Member is listed from any particular Household. This means that the NPSP Household Mailing List report may display a Household member who is not using the default Household address.