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What is HEDA?

The Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) is a community-driven data architecture designed to help educational institutions use Salesforce out-of-the-box.

Built in collaboration with our partners and customers, the Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) provides the foundation for your connected campus, and empowers institutions of all sizes to connect with students, alumni, faculty, and staff in new ways. As an open data architecture, built on top of the Salesforce Platform, HEDA allows you to add any applications and custom functionality you might need.

HEDA provides a 360-degree view of every student, enabling you to easily see students':

  • Relationships with other people (such as parents, program advisors, or team mates)
  • Accounts (or organizations they're related to, such as high schools, academic departments, or sports organizations)
  • Course or degree programs
  • And more . . .

Here's a simple view of the HEDA data model at a glance.

HEDA data model

As you can see, HEDA uses Accounts, Contacts, Relationships, and Affiliations functionality in Salesforce to track connections. Contacts are connected to other Contacts through Relationships. Contacts are connected to other Accounts through Affiliations. These connections make it simple to find the information you need. Let's say for instance that you need a list of all Seniors on the Tennis team so that you can plan an awards event before they graduate. You also want to email an invitation for the event to all of the parents of these students. Using HEDA, along with Salesforce Reports and Campaigns, you can easily accomplish this task.

But wait, there's more! HEDA also keeps track of students' program and course enrollments. Want to know how many classes a student has left before they complete their degree program? Want to find out how many Freshman are enrolled in the English program? You can do all that, and more, with HEDA

Remember, HEDA is an architecture. You have to build it out before you can use it. Check out our HEDA Video Tour for a closer look at HEDA's out-of-the-box functionality, and be sure to consult all of the great HEDA documentation in the Power of Us Hub as you start building out your Higher Ed architecture.