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Using Power of Us Ideas

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Just like its cousin on the Success Community, Power of Us Ideas leverages the power of YOU, our user community. You can suggest and vote on new Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) and Power of Us Hub enhancements, and collaborate with colleagues, partners and our Technology & Product teams.  If you have a favorite Idea that you are passionate about, then make sure you submit or vote for it! The popularity of an Idea -- measured through votes and comments -- is what helps us understand which Ideas are important to you, and which Ideas you want our Technology & Product Team to consider.

What’s the difference between an Idea posted here on the Power of Us Hub and an Idea posted on the Success Community IdeaExchange?

Ideas posted here on the Power of Us Hub should only be about Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) or the Hub itself.

If your Idea is related to the Salesforce platform, such as those about Reporting, Lightning Experience, Process Builder, etc., it belongs on the Success Community IdeaExchange. That is the only way Salesforce Product Managers and the broader Salesforce community can help turn your votes and comments into new features. If you’re not sure, feel free to post your Idea here on the Hub and we’ll let you know if it should be posted on the Success Community IdeaExchange instead.

View an Idea

Click on the Ideas tab in the Power of Us HUB to see a list of Ideas already submitted.

User-added image

By default, the list will be in order of the most recently submitted across all Products. If you want to filter for specific Ideas, you can use the options on the right hand side:
User-added image
  • My Ideas - Will only show those Ideas that you’ve submitted, including any that were closed by moderators because they were not specific to products, or violated community guidelines.
  • By Product - Select the product that your Idea is for. If your Idea is not in reference to one of the products listed (Nonprofit Success Pack, Higher Education Data Architecture or the Power of Us Hub itself), then please search for or create your new Idea on the Success Community IdeaExchange.
  • By Status
    • Submitted - The Idea is newly submitted and hasn’t yet been actively considered by a Product Development team, although there may be active conversation on the Idea from as well as community contributors.
    • Under Consideration - The Idea has been added to the product backlog, however a release date has not been set and no development work has started. The Idea will be reviewed on a regular basis as part of the standard development process. Please Note: Feature and product plans are always subject to change and organizations should make their purchase decisions on features that are already available.
    • In Progress - The Idea has been picked up to be worked on by a member of the product team or a community contributor. At this point, it could be anywhere between a few weeks and a few months until the feature is released. As with Ideas under consideration, feature and product plans are always subject to change and organizations should make their purchase decisions on features that are already available.
    • Delivered - The Idea is delivered and is generally available. No further updates will be made to the Idea and voting will be disabled.

Search for an Idea

Before posting a new Idea, search to see if it already exists. Chances are another Community member might have had the same Idea and added it to Power of Us Ideas. You can search for Ideas by selecting Idea from the search drop down in the upper right hand corner.
  • If your Idea already exists, great! Just click the “thumbs up” icon to log your vote (and if you’d like to add a comment use the comment box).  
  • If your Idea is closed to new votes and comments because it is not related to NPSP or HEDA and belongs on the Salesforce Success Community, it may contain a link you can follow to vote on the Idea there.
  • If you’ve searched and are unable to find an existing Idea then read on to learn how to Post a New Idea.

Post a New Idea

  1. Click on the Ideas tab.
  2. Place your cursor in the Post your Idea text box. As soon as you start typing, you’ll see additional options.
  3. Give your Idea a clear title no longer than 80 characters.
  4. Use the description box to give as much detail as you can.
  5. Select the Product that your Idea should be considered under
  6. When ready, click Submit.

Vote on an Idea

  1. Click the Thumbs Up icon next to any Idea to add your vote
  2. Once you’ve voted, you can click the Thumbs Up a second time to remove your vote.

Comment on an Idea

Below the main description of the Idea, you can join the conversation and comment. This works exactly like commenting does elsewhere in the Power of Us Hub. Learn more about using Chatter in the Power of Us Hub here. Note: When you participate in the discussion around an Idea, it will appear in your main Chatter feed in the Hub along with other comments and posts in groups.
Contributed by Judi Sohn
First published April 28, 2017
Last modified May 2, 2017