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How to log a tech support ticket with Salesforce

A quick summary of how to log a technical support ticket with Salesforce.

Before creating a case, please make sure you have exhausted all of the great resources available to you in the Power of Us Hub. If you haven’t found an answer in the Power of Us Hub community and if you still feel that you need to create a technical support case, please check out the below quick link instructions.

The Success Plan your organization has will determine the technical support case response time.

A Standard Success Plan comes with every account and includes access to Web-based technical support via online case submission with a 2-business-day response time.

If you have purchased a Premier or Premier + Success Plan, 24/7 toll-free phone and online support, 1-hour initial response for critical issues and Premier developer support can be expected.

Here are some quick links:

Grant Log In Access
Now you are ready to submit a case
What to include if you are creating a case from the Power of Us Hub
Case Submit Screen Examples


Preparing to Log Your Ticket

Be prepared to provide the best information possible: Support will need a concise description of your issue and most importantly an easy to understand “Steps to Repeat” or STR. The STR is the most vital piece of information that you can provide for us because this will allow us to replicate and further investigate the issue.

What are "Steps to Repeat" or STR

Support will need an exact “clickstream” or what your clicked on for each step of the issue. The usual format for example is:

1. login
2. click on contacts
3. click on “new”

and then continue with each step until you encountered the issue.

We welcome screencasts as well as screenshots to illustrate whatever issue you run into, sometimes a picture is worth a 1000 words!


Please Grant Login Access:

In order to troubleshoot your issue, most likely we’ll need to log into your specific org to determine what’s going on.

To do this we need you to grant us login access, if you are using the new Lightning interface:

From the upper right corner click on the icon that’s a circle with a face in it:

User-added image

Now click on “Settings”:

User-added image


Now click on “Grant Account Login Access:


User-added image


If you are using the “Classic” or “Aloha” interface:

Click on the drop down arrow next to your name in the upper right corner:

User-added image

Then click on “My Settings” and then click on “Personal” to expand that menu:


User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image

Now click on "Grant Account Login Access":

User-added image


Please Grant Access for Support as well as Support.

Now click on the drop down to set a time period for login access, please choose at least a week as the minimum time period and then click “Save”. We ask for a week, so in case there are any followup questions we don’t need to ask for login access again:

User-added image


Now you are ready to submit a case

To submit a technical support case, log into your Salesforce ORG and click on the Help and Training link in the top right side of your web browser window:


User-added image


User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image

Click on “Search Help and Training”, this will bring you to a standard H&T page click on Help & Training at the top of the page:

User-added image

Once you are in the Help and Training portal,  you’ll see our new interface. Something to note if you want to see your existing cases click on the tiny drop down arrow in the upper right corner:


User-added image


Once you have checked your existing cases and want to enter a new case in the new interface, click on the button “Create a Case” on the “Contact Support” tile:


User-added image


This will bring you to the “Help Finder” page. Click on “General Salesforce Functionality:"

User-added image


Once you click on that button you'll see a Non Profit & Higher Ed button on the next page, click on that:

User-added image

You’re almost there!, now scroll down until you see the option to log a case:

User-added image


Now fill out the relevant details, please make sure you put “NPSP” or “HEDA” in the subject line, and in the description in the top of that section put “Please assign to the Support Team”.


If you are creating a case from the Power of Us Hub

If you are creating a case from a Hub Post please include the post's URL. 

To find the url right-click on the date/time and select to copy the URL.

User-added image

Now paste it into your Case Description, see below

Case Submit Examples

User-added image

User-added image

From the Hub:

User-added image

Within the form there is a separate section for your STR but the support profile doesn’t allow us to see that field so please put everything in the “Description” first.