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Customer Service

How do I find my Account Executive?

With an organization growing as fast as, you might experience a change in your Account Executive. In the Power of Us Hub, you can always see your assigned Account Executive on the My Org tab on your Chatter profile.

To see your assigned Account Executive:
  • Login to the Power of Us HUB using your Salesforce login credentials
  • Click on the User Menu on the top right and select "My Profile"
  • Click on the MY ORG tab
  • If you are an active customer, you will see your Account Executive listed on the top right side
  • Click on the name of the Account Executive to post to their Chatter wall or send them a private message

Account Executive


Please note: Account Executives at can assist you in obtaining Foundation pricing for the purchase of additional Salesforce licenses or products. 

Technical issues or questions should be submitted to Salesforce technical support or addressed here in the Hub community.

Contributed by David Lea
First published April 28, 2017
Last modified May 2, 2017