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Hub: Getting Started in the Power of Us Hub

It's easy to collaborate in the Power of Us Hub. And these 3 easy steps will get you started.

Welcome to the Power of Us Hub, an online community where customers, partners and supporters can share, learn and collaborate. It's easy to collaborate in the Power of Us Hub.

3 Easy Steps to Getting Started in the Hub:


1. Complete your Chatter profile

2. Ask a question and/or find resources

3. Find & Join groups and/or follow people and topics

... and at the end, a few bonus Quick Tips!

1. Complete your Chatter profile

  1. To navigate to your Chatter profile, click the link in the Getting Started section of the Hub home page
  2. a. Click the Chatter Tab and then 2b. Click your name. It is a live link to your profile.
Your Chatter profile can be seen by anyone who is logged into the Hub. Currently, only active customers and a select group of partners have access to the Hub.

Update your Chatter profile


2. Ask a question & find resources

  1. Select the “Question” Chatter action from your Chatter feed.
  2. To review similar questions that have been asked before, enter the subject of your question and click enter or tab.
  3. Relevant questions and Knowledge articles will display below the question detail box.
  4. If you don't see a relevant answer to the list, continue to post your question. Add as many relevant details as you can!
  5. Add Topics or @mention a group to get an answer more quickly. If you post to a group feed from the group home page you don't need to @mention the group.
  6. Click “Ask”

Ask a question
ask a question 2

3. Join groups & follow people and topics

Groups are great for organizing people who share a common interest or goal!

There are 3 basic ways to find groups to join:
  1. Search for groups based on keywords and titles using the global search bar.
  2. Get group recommendations or browse groups on the group home page.
  3. View popular groups on the Hub Home page.
join groups


Quick Tips:

Any other questions? Contact Lizzy -- I'll help you out! 
Contributed by David Lea
First published April 28, 2017
Last modified April 16, 2018