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Best Practices

Getting Started: Extend and Optimize

Now that you have implemented Salesforce and starting to add users, you will want to increase adoption and the value of the system by extending your implementation. Here are a few simple ways to get more out of Salesforce:

Fundamentals Prepare for Success Configure and Customize Import Data Deploy and Adopt Extend and Optimize

Extend & Optimize

Increase adoption and the return on your investment by extending and optimizing your implementation

1. Extend for User Adoption

1. Integrate Email & Calendars

One of the best ways to make your CRM system more valuable to end users (and to the organization) is to integrate tools like email and calendaring into Salesforce. There are many different email clients and lots of ways to integrate them into Salesforce. Check out the AppExchange for additional Apps that can help you integrate your email and calendaring clients.

2. Implement Chatter for Effective Collaboration

Chatter is an excellent way to increase user interaction and collaboration in real-time, transforming your organization into its own social network. It can help speed adoption and drive productivity inside of Salesforce.

3. Empower your Users with Mobile

With the Salesforce mobile app your users can get all the vital information they need fast, wherever they go.

4. Add on Applications

The AppExchange is an app store for Salesforce. Many applications are provided for free and/or discounted for nonprofits. The applications range the gamut from tools that help you with mass email, payment processing, producing documents from Salesforce, and/or ensure data quality. Make sure to do research up front to determine if your Salesforce instance will work with the app that you want to install. For example, not all applications will work well with the Nonprofit Success Pack. Take a look at the AppExchange to find products that can help you and your organization.

As always, the Power of Us HUB will be able to guide you in the right direction including the App Advice and Consumer Reports group (you must be logged into the Hub to access this group). In that group is a community-sourced list of Salesforce Apps commonly used in the nonprofit and education sectors.

Optimize Salesforce for Increased User Adoption

Tips and tricks to Streamline & Automate your Salesforce Org

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