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Salesforce Nonprofit Readiness Survey

1. Implementation Vision and Plan

Our organization has a clear vision and plan for our Salesforce implementation. We have taken the time to understand how Salesforce can be used across our entire organization to support internal collaboration, drive innovation and efficiency for our mission.

Please choose an option above.

2. Strong Executive Sponsorship

We have strong executive sponsorship necessary to support our adoption and successful transition to Salesforce.

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3. Internal Salesforce Aptitude

Our organization has internal team members who understand the capabilities and features of Salesforce.

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4. Commitment to Continued Learning

We understand Salesforce is a powerful tool that can grow with our organizational needs. We plan ongoing investment in our own learning so we can make the most of the platform.

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5. Implementation Resources

We have a skilled resource who understands the flexibility of Salesforce and has the experience needed to make sure we will maximize our customization of Salesforce to serve our mission. We have budgeted appropriately to be successful with our implementation.

Please choose an option above.

6. Data Migration and Integrity

We understand that a CRM system that has inaccurate data is not a useful database. We are committed to a carefully migrating and maintaining our data.

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